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Why People Buy the RSP

Quality analysis based on extensive film study.

The RSP isn’t a draft-prediction publication, it’s an analysis of talent based on a player performance on the field.  The evaluation techniques for the RSP are designed to target a player’s athletic skills, positional techniques, and conceptual understanding of the game.

This is how the process has helped Matt Waldman arrive at high pre-draft grades for players such as Joseph Addai, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Matt Forte despite the fact he studied games against competition that limited these three backs to extremely low statistical production. At the same time, his process helped him spot critical issues with players like Matt Leinart, Robert Meachem, and C.J. Spiller when others anticipated an early impact. 

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio is a process rooted in best practices.

The RSP takes a best-practice performance evaluation approach that successful Fortune 500 businesses have tailored to their service and manufacturing sectors  and applies it to the study of football prospects. Think the NFL couldn’t use a best-practice approach? Read about its current evaluation system and what former scouts have to say about the management of that process and you’ll think differently. The RSP approach makes the evaluation process transparent to the reader and helps the author deliver quality analysis. Another “best practice” I’m implemented is “giving back.” Ten percent of each sale since 2012 is going to charity.


“The GoodReader app takes anything I want to read in PDF form, presents it very nicely, and makes the document portable and enjoyable. The encyclopedia that you’ve created (which I absolutely love 25% into it) would require someone to peer into his or her computer/laptop screen for a very long time. On an iPad inside that app it bookmarks your place and makes reading long files a joy…AND PORTABLE.”

-Ray Calder

What other readers of the RSP think.

“In complete awe of the 2007 Rookie Scouting Portfolio via @MattWaldman — Incredibly in-depth analysis that required time & football smarts”

Ryan Lownes

NFL Draft analyst, enthusiast, and writer for and Bleacher Report.

“Love your work. I’ve subscribed to your RSP for the past 3 years and it is my bible for dynasty league rookie drafts.”

– David Liu

“In our business, we are able to access many different types of reference materials. The Rookie Scouting Portfolio stands above the rest for one simple fact: it is more comprehensive than anything else I have seen. Matt Waldman is head and shoulders the best fantasy football expert I have had on the air, and his expertise starts well before the players get to the NFL with analysis and game film study of the incoming rookie class. I can’t recommend the RSP highly enough.”

– Ian Furness
Host, Sports Radio 950 KJR
Seattle, WA

“All I can really say at first is “Wow!” There is just a TON of great and useful information packed into that report. I thought I’d give it a quick glance during my lunch hour and I found myself reading quite a bit of it over the next 2 hours. I like the way everything is laid out. It’s easy to understand and covers all the items necessary to make it a top notch scouting report for the fantasy footballer.

– Tim Huckaby

“IMHO this is a MUST read. Matt really does the work and tells it the way he sees it. Had a couple of GREAT picks this year with Austin Collie and and I think Stafford. In prior years, he has lead me to Ray Rice in a PPR no less and Mike Sims Walker… If you are like me in a Zealots league, go back and read the prior years as it helps with the RFA/UFA process.”

– Tony Madeira

“Hi Mr. Waldman: I really appreciate your analysis, especially the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. It is EXCELLENT! I am in six, 53-man roster IDP Dynasty Leagues with rookie drafts only. The rookie drafts are usually 2-3 weeks after the NFL Draft so the RSP is invaluable, in particular for later rounds.”

– Alden Bowle

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